Zombie Hunt – 2016 Walk-Thru Paintball Attraction




Thanks for a great Zombie Hunt 2016.  The last day of this year’s hunting season concluded on 10/29. 

Players armed with paintball markers will navigate the fields in order to escape the zombie horde!  Participants will not be shot. Your team will be asked to wipe out the zombies and make it to the decontamination zone to retrieve the antidote and save humanity.  Although there is a small risk of friendly fire from your fellow zombie hunters,  zombies WILL NOT SHOOT YOU.


  • Week 1:  Friday the 14th, Saturday the 15th
  • Week 2:  Friday the 21st, Saturday the 22nd
  • Week 3:  Friday the 28th, Saturday the 29th
    We will start putting names on the list at 7:00pm, but zombie hunting will not begin until conditions are dark enough (around 7:30) .  We stop adding people to the check-in at 10pm, so please plan to be there by then.

**we reserve the right to change operating hours based on customer volume and other factors.

$22 per person ($20.75+1.25 tax)
Includes Everything you need:  Admission, Paintball Marker, Paintballs, Face Mask

The main event is indoor with multiple reload points and will take roughly 20 minutes to navigate as you clear the way to the decontamination zone.

Your ticket will include one free round of Bazooka Ball.  Additional rounds may be purchased very affordably.

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