PeeWee Paintball


PeeWee Paintball is a fun way for kids to experience the fun of paintball while being virtually pain free.



Q. How do they make it pain free?

A. Paint used for this is considerably smaller and has a thin brittle shell.  It is also shot at half the velocity of a traditional paintball marker.

Q. Will there be other people on the field?

A. At this time all PeeWee Paintball games are private only and by reservation.

Q. Will they get dirty and does the paint wash out?

A. They will have paint on them and it does wash out.  If you want to have your little ones cleaner for the ride home you can purchase disposable coveralls at check-in.

Q. Is it fun?

A. Don’t let the low velocity fool you.  These paintballs are designed specifically for these markers.  You will get the thrill of marking your opponent without the pain.  Accuracy is surprisingly good.

Q. Can I bring my own paint?

A. True Paintball does not allow outside paint on any of our fields.  The main is safety we can guarantee the product when we provide it.

Q. What age is appropriate?

A. We recommend 7+ although younger players may participate if you believe they would enjoy the game as well as cock the marker.

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