The costs are the same for .50cal and .68cal paintball.  Gun rental and the Field and Air pass admit you to all open fields in our facility.

Individual Rates (click here for groups of six or more)

Rental Prices:  *Rentals include the field and air fee.*
When booking online this option is called “Rental Only”

  • Rental Package – $29.00 ($27.36 + $1.64 tax)
    Includes:  Gun, Tank, Mask, Field Admission, Air Fills.  Includes all equipment required to play except paintballs.  See paint pricing below.

If you have your own gear: (Required gear is tank, gun, mask, and barrel cover.  Additional fees may apply if these items are not with you.)
When booking online this option is called “Field and Air Pass”

  • Field Admission:  $12.00 ($11.32 + $0.68 tax)
  • Air Fee:  $6.00 ($5.66+$0.34 tax)
    *Air fee required for any player playing onsite*; Does Not Cover CO2 
  • 100 Round Pod of Paint:  $3.25 ($3.07+$0.18 tax)
    Tip:  Each recreational player will go through about 100 balls every 30 minutes.  Budget
  • 2000 Round Case:  $45 ($42.45+$2.55 tax)
    Our custom manufactured ball does not contain vegetable oil and has not been found to stain clothes like low-end paint.  For reasons of staining and safety, we do not allow offsite paint.
  • Airsoft Admission: $14.00 ($13.21+$0.79 tax)
    Includes compressed air if needed.  No Equipment or BBs Included.  Group Rate Available for 10+

Thank You for Your Service!
We do extend a 10% off discount on Field/Air Fees, Rentals and Paintball Purchases.  You will need to tell the cashier to use the coupon code: MILITARY and show a valid military ID to get the discount on all items that it applies to.  Discounts do not combine with other promotions and offers.

Click here to learn more about paint prices.

Save money on Wednesday and Thursday this Summer!  Call 208-363-7230 if you have any questions.