History of Paintball in Boise Area

Brief random history of paintball stuff in the Boise Idaho Area.  Paintball Centers, paintball manufacturers and paintball people.

Aktion Zone Paintball was located on 37 E. Broadway Ave. in Downtown Meridian, Idaho.  It was located in a historic creamery building complex that dated back to 1922.  Aktion Zone ceased operations in 2006.  The building was dismantled and the property is now the home of Meridian City Hall and other city government offices.

Splat Paintball Fun – Established in 2001 and changed ownership a couple times.  In early 2009, True Paintball assumed operations at the historic location.  The tradition of recreation and tournament style paintball continues to this day.

True Paintball – Established in 2007, True Paintball began as a paintball supply store in a warehouse style building located at 741 N Ralstin Street in Meridian, Idaho.  This original store offered goods like paintball guns, masks, tanks, etc.  They also filled compressed air and CO2 tanks.  You could buy a variety of paintballs and meet people that enjoyed hosting their own games in the woods.  The owners of True Paintball were approached by the owners of Splat and asked about purchasing the facility.  True Paintball eventually moved their operation to the historic home of Splat.

Nampa Idaho Paintball Manufacturer – Indian Creek Design
ndian creek design has a history of paintball in Nampa Idaho that goes way back.  They are still making quality paintball guns right in Downtown Nampa.

PRP Pump
Nice Pump Made by Nampa’s Own ICD


Metadyne Industries – Founded in 2005, this company manufactures pump paintball markers and launchers for simulated rockets and paint grenades.  They used to make a lot of high quality milled dress-up parts for Tippman paintball markers.  Next time you are holding a quality Metadyne product, know that it was designed and made in Boise / Garden City.

Mighty Men of Valor – Indoor Paintball.  Not much is known about this place, but it operated shortly around 1999-2000 at 6759 S Supply Way in Boise.  We’ve heard it was quite a large place and was pretty interesting.  Know more?  Tell us all about it!

True Action Sports – Meridian Idaho Shooting Sports Store  –  This store was owned and operated by the folks at True Paintball.  Under the “True” brand, this store sold a nice selection of paintball gear and supplies.  This store also served as a full service licensed FFL arms dealer.  It operated six days a week from 2010 to 2014.  It was closed to put full focus and attention on Boise’s own True Paintball Adventure Park.

True Action Sports Meridian, ID
1500 N Locust Grove Rd. True Action Sports Meridian
Counter At True Action Sports
True Action Sports Counter
True Action Sorts carried a pretty decent amount of paintball, airsoft and firearm products. New and Used. Meridian will miss her.

RIP Kevin Pavlis – one of Idaho’s paintball greats. (click for more info at pbnation)

More to come soon!