2017 February Field Update

UPDATED 2/12/2017
The ugly winter of 2016/2017 seems to finally be letting up!  Several of the tips on this page are geared toward the most brutal part of the season.  Most of the accumulated ice and snow has been melted or removed.  On days where we have 40 degree temperatures outside, the indoor field is actually pretty nice for paintball.  With the improving weather conditions projects are underway to update playing environments.  The lighting situation has improved.  We are excited to see spring fever beginning to bring back the hunger for paintball.

Finally some sun!

True Paintball has a variety of playing environments.  Indoor and Outdoor experiences can both be enjoyed in the winter months.  Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your day of play while doing it safely.

  • Our Check-in / Initial Staging Area is heated, but the main indoor playing environment is not.  The indoor area will keep you out of the rain/snow/wind, but it will We recommend coming to play in clothes that will keep you warm and dry.
  • Be aware of icy / snowy conditions.  It’s always a good idea to watch out for slippery surfaces and slow down this time of year.
  • Most people don’t mind the cooler weather and find that it makes a good excuse to put some protective layers between your skin and the paintballs impacting your body.  If you do fall down, you’ll get less banged up.
  • Notify the staff of any areas that could be more safe.  We have rock salt on hand to help improve trouble areas.  As always, paintball is played at your own risk.
  • Encourage people to dress like they are going to do yard work outside.  Here is an example of clothing options to play paintball in.