Airsoft Field in Boise

Airsoft at True Paintball Adventure ParkAirsoft Fun in Boise

Urban Style Airsoft Play Checkout our Airsoft Facebook Group to see what’s happening with local players.

Cost per player (tax included): $14

This pricing no longer includes BBs

Use of the airsoft field requires a reservation.  If you choose not make a reservation there may be a wait if the field has been reserved.

Closed Hours Private Party: Private parties can be held during closed hours also with a minimum of $200.

Additional Info: – BB’s, green gas and essentials will be for sale on site. – Compressed air will be included for those that use it.

Field Info: The field has newly installed turf and mobile bunkers.  We will change the layout from time to time.  We’ve listened to airsoft and agree that some building-like structured would be a good addition.  Changes will soon be impacting this field and we think these changes will likely be to the satisfaction of airsoft players. Use of regular paintball fields is possible, but all games must cycle regularly so that all guests are able to have access to all fields with out waiting longer than 7-10 minutes.

Format: We will try to create balanced teams to make sure that everyone has a good time.  Hard core team scrimmages are fine, but they need to be setup as a private party.  Open play times need to be friendly to walk-on players. Players must respect nets and all park property.

**Safety Standards Will Be Enforced. Play at your own risk.

 – Barrel Covers / Accidental Discharge Protection Required.  Taking out the magazine is not the same as muzzle protection.

– Eyes and Mouth Covered

 – FPS and Engagement rules are to be agreed upon mutually by groups playing.  Use your brain.